Volcom Snow Launch 2016

The Volcom Snow Ams better known as the Stone Army crew leaving no stone unturned in Snowboarder Magazine’s The Launch 2016 presented by Volcom at Bear Mountain CA. Riders - Reid Smith | Marcus Kleveland | Gabe Ferguson | Brock Crouch | Benny Milam | Parker Szumowski | Mike Ravels | Cody Warble | Zach Normandin | Valentino Guseli | Christian Connors | Richie Conklin and Jadyn Chomlack. Edit by Seth Huot Filmed by Seth Huot and Pat Barraza Produced by Oren Tanzer | Jeff Kabigting | Pat Barraza Music - “On My Mind” by Cuz Lightyear Courtesy of Cuz Lightyear 2016 Location- Bear Mountain California